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rock breaker

Rock breaker (hydraulic hammer) tools

Marathon Industries supplies rock breaker hammer tools for the mining industry.

Chisel tool

penetration of sedimentary rock and weak metamorphic rock that needs to be sized, breaking concrete, trenching, benching and tunneling.

Moil tool

optimal penetration of sedimentary and weak metamorphic rock, material breaks away from the tool radially, breaking concrete, trenching, tunnelling. 

Blunt tool

optimal transmission of breaker impact energy shatters igneous and tough metamorphic (hard) rock, breaking concrete, breaking oversize rock when maximum fracture is required, highly abrasive conditions, tool wear is an issue.

Other tool designs include cross cut, wide chisel, asphalt cutter, deck buster, frost wedge, tamper, super blunt, fluted, concave removal.

All tools are guaranteed against manufacturers defects and are made from high quality steel construction.

rock breaker
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