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ToughEye-3100™-Rugged Self-Cleaning Cameras Continuous Clear Vision With Zero Maintenance  

See clearly into your most critical processes
environments without cleaning or regular maintenance:

Our patented technology offers crystal clear vision and is effective against oil, grease, bitumen, abrasive dust,must, water, and more:

Marathon Industries
ToughEye-3100 Self-Cleaning Camera

Easy Installation- Plug it in and Walk Away

TE-3100TM with its extremely rugged one-piece construction is being used at the coldest mines in Canada and the hottest sites in Africa

Proven Effectiveness and Reliability in Mining

Connect power, and a data connection; that's it! Once installed, the camera will self-clean unassisted for years. This eliminates the need for production stoppages, working in confined spaces, working at heights.

For more information you can download these files

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