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Ventilation Tubing (Vent bag) Systems

Reduce ventilation costs and bring more fresh air to the face


Marathon Industries proudly distributes Rocvent Mine and Tunnel Ventilation, Tubing and Ducting in western and northern Canada.

Manufactured and designed to withstand underground mining and tunnelling environments, giving you the tensile and tear strength you need. 


Available in 12” to 120” diameter and standard 25’ and 50’ lengths, or custom built to any length.


Layflat Round Tubing
(Snap Roc or Zip Roc couplings)


Collapsible PVC tubing (positive pressure).  The ventilation duct/tubing is certified by Natural Resources Canada under Certification # 1181. The ducting/tubing also conforms to CAN/CSA-M427-M91. Available in a range of grades to meet specific strength requirements. Snap Roc couplings use heavy duty suspension carabiners.

Duo-Duct Oval Tubing
Collapsable dual “oval” chambers reduce head room requirement by 25% 


Allows for use of large equipment. Standard lengths: 15m, 7.5m (50ft, 25ft).

Natural Resources Canada under Certification # 1181, and conforms to CAN/CSA-M427-M91.

Vent Tube Diameter (In)
Equivalent Duo-duct Size (H x W)
45 x 73
40 x 66
36 x 65
31 x 56
27 x 47
22 x 39
18 x 32

Spiral-reinforced Ducting

Available in round or oval.
This ducting is manufactured with spring steel wire welded to the ducting using a special extruded PVC profile with wear protection.
The spiral ducting is used with negative and positive pressures.


Positive or negative pressure with tube diameter from 300mm to 3000mm (12 inches to 120 inches).


Standard lengths: 7.5m (25ft). Custom lengths available. Standard pitch: 150mm & 100mm (6 inch & 4 inch). Natural Resources Canada Certification # 1181; and conforms to CAN/CSA-M427-M91.

Layflat Fittings

One inlet and two branch outlets > 45 degree to inlet.


LATERAL WYE fittings for flow-through with 45 deg left or right branch, with Snap-Roc coupling system.


PANTLEG WYE fittings split the air flow into two branch outlets at 45 deg to centre of inlet.


TEE fittings > inlet and two branches at 90 deg to inlet.


Vertical Shaft Tubing
Collapsible PVC tubing with 2” load rated webbing radio frequency welded 180 degrees either side of the tubing with connection of webbing of each tubing length with two 2” ratchets.


300m to 3000mm (12 inches to 120 inches).

Standard lengths: 15m, 7.5m (50ft, 25ft). Natural Resources Canada certification # 1181, and conforms to CAN/CSA-M427-M91.

Round & Oval Steel Ducting

18 ga. galvanized duct 12” to 54” dia. with 1 1/2” x 3/16” angle iron flanges, or 16 ga. c/w reinforced rings. Standard fittings: elbows, wyes, adapters & v-lock coupler.


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