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Improve Tire Life with GMI

Are you seeing frequent damage like this at your site?

Avoid Tire Bead Damage


Other wheel manufacturers add knurling (rough impressions) where the tire bead seats, claiming this helps the tire seal. In reality, it’s put in place to compensate for outdated manufacturing methods and poor tolerances. Knurling damages the tire bead and drives up your tire costs.
GMI wheels provide a fully machined & truly round bead surface, free from knurls. This provides a proper platform for the tire to seat and seal, extending tire life and driving down your tire costs.

See how GMI Wheels manufactures with air seal and tire life in mind

Compare with manufacturing processes used by competitors

GMI Wheels have superior built components so tires fit like a glove  

Sidewall damage can be avoided with proper tire fitment 

Component movement (indexing) can cause serious problems

GMI wheels resist indexing and maintain healthy tires

GMI wheels resist flange rocking to maintain air seal

Download our Catalogues and Machine Specific Brochures

Let us know the machine type or wheel size you are interested and we can reach out with more information.

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