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Marathon is proud to be partners with GMI Wheels and Global Mining Products (GMI) to provide Off-Highway wheel and rim assemblies for the mining and resource industries.


GMI has been making a statement in the wheel and rim industry worldwide with high-quality products and safety focused values. 


GMI has over 150 years of combined experience in the industry and understands how to produce wheel and rim components that vastly increase the safety of the wheel assembly and substantially increase tire life.


The top-of-the line GMI Forged Taper Flange and HD series have commanded presence in the mining industries in Canada, USA, Indonesia, South America, Africa and Australia, for underground support equipment and surface level haul trucks and loaders.


NEW - Reach out to Marathon for a free set of Wheel Profile & Wear Gauges! Make sure your wheel and rim components are still safe for operation.

Safety First – Defuse the Bomb

Off-Highway earthmoving wheels contain enough explosive energy to cause serious damage and harm. GMI Wheels designs and produces anti-crack wheels and rims to keep tire technicians and everyone at your site safe.

At the core of Marathon & GMI’s mission is to educate tire and wheel professionals on best safe practices, and lead by example with safety-focused products.

GMI-Safety Poster
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Contain the explosive energy at your site with Marathon and GMI Wheels representatives.

We educate all levels of staff at site on safety considerations for your operation and determine how we can help eliminate hazardous work and faulty products.

We offer site visits for training, inventory audits, safe work practices, tire life consulting and much more!

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