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FRP (Fiberglass/phenolic resin) Reinforced Pipe

FRP Is Available in
Round, Oval and Tapered

Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) combines wound filament and phenolic resin for maximum strength.


Features a smooth, low friction surface for low flow resistance. Connections can be flange or bell and spigot with internal rubber gaskets.


Fiberglass Reinforced Pipe (FRP) used in mining and tunnelling withstands high positive and negative pressures.


Utilizing a filament winding process and phenolic resin for maximum fiberglass duct strength.


Water based phenolic resins are flame resistant, eliminating the need to add fire inhibitors which detract from the strength of polyester resins.


Available in various sizes, both round and oval.


FRP fittings and accessories are available in wyes, tees, elbows, transitions, adapters and other variations.

Benefits of FRP:

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